Xiu Xiu - Women as Lovers

Xiu Xiu - Women as Lovers


Bad Paintings to release Xiu Xiu’s classic album Women As Lovers on cassette for the very 1st time. This release features re-interpreted artwork.

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Women as Lovers is Xiu Xiu’s 6th studio album and was originally released by Kill Rock Stars in 2008. The album shares its title with the Martin Chalmers translation of Elfriede Jelinek’s 1975 novel Die Leibhaberinnen.

Xiu Xiu has long been known as prolific, bordering on crazed, but with Women As Lovers, each song is so different from the next and so fully realized, the group’s creative ferocity is simply astonishing and rapidly taking on new dimensions. No other Xiu Xiu album has ever been more approachable or communicative on a basic human level. What people sometimes fail to recognise is that Stewart is writing about us all, not a freak writing about freakish things. He voices what the rest of us have a hard time voicing and the feelings in the music are ones that we can all relate to.

Pitchfork described the album as ‘frantic and wild, with swatches of noise skidding around and Stewart’s voice quivering on the edge of a panic attack’

Bad Paintings released the Xiu Xiu remixes 7” featuring 2 songs from 2012’s ‘Always’ album of which Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu commented, “as a person prone to fetishization, I cannot get enough 7 inches…to have been offered to do one by such cool and gentile people is an honor.” It is an honor for us to now follow up this single with this special cassette release.