Twin Cisterns - Cloudspiller EP

Twin Cisterns - Cloudspiller EP


Twin Cisterns is the solo outlet of Chris Tenerowicz, best known as a member of Self Defense Family.

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Limited release - only 100 copies.

Track Listing:
1. Richard Wetherill Died in 1910
2. White Under High Cloud
3. Sand County Almanac
4. Tó Eí Náá

His solo work is often compared to Warren Ellis and James Blackshaw.

Whereas that 15-person rotating line-up of SDF comes with a degree of anonymity, Twin Cisterns allows Tenerowicz nowhere to hide. It's simply him. And on his debut EP, Cloudspiller, courtesy of Bad Paintings, Tenerowicz allows himself the spotlight. 

Dreamy, folky and primitive, Twin Cisterns' guitar based instrumental music, conjours visions of James Blackshaw or Warren Ellis' solo work. 

From frenetic to self-reflective and back, the guitar on Cloudspiller speaks so candidly that vocals would undermine the story being told. This is music that urges you to close your eyes and picture yourself in the space between notes. It's involving, encompassing, and ultimately a detailed expression of an actual life.

A Hudson, NY native, Tenerowicz spent years in Los Angeles as a library musician writing tracks for television (think ducks and pawnshops), before a romance took him to Albuquerque, where he still resides. There are elements of all three locales on Cloudspiller, but the Southwest is its most pronounced influence. Rather than cop the standard country-western affectations, Twin Cisterns expresses the beautiful vacancy of the land and the wildly independent nature of the people who live there.