SHORTS - Berlin 1971

SHORTS - Berlin 1971


4 song 7" EP with 'zine and D/L by Shorts (featuring members for Real Estate, Titus Andronicus and Scott & Charlene's Wedding).

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. Berlin 1971
2. Happy 10th B-Day
3. She Feels The Sting
4. Wonder (I Just Wanna)

This is a co-releases with New York label Aloe Music.

Here's the blurb:

In 2012 Mikael Caterer left Melbourne, Australia and settled in Brooklyn, NY with the rest of his band, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding. Beginning just before the move, and in between his hours spent teaching kindergarten in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn and touring with Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Caterer wrote his first solo effort, an EP for a new project called Shorts. 

To help round out and eventually record the demos, Caterer asked friends from his new adopted hometown, Jonah Maurer (from Free Time, Titus Andronicus, Real Estate) to play bass and Dylan Shumaker (Woodsman, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks) to play the drums. A friend from Melbourne who had also just moved to New York, Adrian Tregonning (No Zu) joined to play guitar and keys. The result is the “Berlin 1971 EP.” It’s four bratty pop songs lasting just about 12 minutes, recorded in Melbourne by Caterer and New York with the help of Jarvis Taveniere from Woods, at his new Rear House space in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Despite the kind of sunny disposition of “Berlin 1971,” it was actually written during a strung out and bummed day off in Berlin last summer after playing 40 shows in 30 days.