Luke Saxton - Sunny Sadness

Luke Saxton - Sunny Sadness


Luke Saxton wasn’t made for these times. 

At only 19, Luke has recorded 24 albums and an estimated 400 songs in his bedroom, since he started writing songs at age 7, inspired by Simon & Garfunkel’s America and Nilsson’s Everybody’s Talkin’. 

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Limited CD release of the Sunny Sadness by Luke Saxton featuring:

1. Anything I Can Do
2. By The Bench
3. Song For Harry Nilsson
4. My Dear
5. Spring Is Here
6. A Little Man
7. Plans For The Treehouse
8. In Your Heart
9. Sunny Sadness

Luke’s first official album, Sunny Sadness will be released on 24th November 2014, jointly by Bad Paintings & The Inkwell.

Growing up in York, Luke wasn’t dreaming of football stardom or X Factor fantasies - instead, Luke was dreaming of The Beatles, Brian Wilson and Harry Nilsson’s swooning orchestrated pop and Frank Sinatra’s collaborations with bossa nova legend Antonio Carlos Jobim.
Luke was dreaming of making the perfect late 60s sunshine pop album. 

Bad Painting’s discovery of Sunny Sadness on Soundcloud felt more like digging up a long-lost record by a reclusive unsung 70s cult hero than finding something new on the blogosphere. 

Written and recorded entirely by Luke when aged only 17 at his family home and inspired - like all classic pop – by “loneliness, and the breakdown of a relationship”, Sunny Sadness is a beautifully arranged song-cycle of melancholy, sunshine singer-songwriter pop.

Recording into a basic free audio software, Luke played everything on the record – from guitars, drums and piano through to bouzouki, jingle bells and African drums. 
Musically Sunny Sadness has influences ranging from Harry Nilsson’s Nilsson Schmilsson to Serge Gainsbourg’s Vu De L'exterieur to Fleetwood Mac, Shuggie Otis & Graham Nash. The constant theme is a commitment to song-craft and nuanced, subtle production. 

This joint release between Bad Paintings and The Inkwell occurred as the result of an in-store performance on this year’s Record Store Day at The Inkwell in York.

The Inkwell owner Paul describes Luke’s performance as “spine-tingling,” saying, “after experiencing Luke playing live in my shop, I had to help Bad Paintings get his music out in to the world.” 

Luke Saxton may not have been made for these times - but Sunny Sadness is an album for the ages.