Fawn Spots - Wedding Dress

Fawn Spots - Wedding Dress

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12" split LP on pink vinyl by raw, dinge-poppers Fawn Spots and scuzz-renegades Cum Stain.

Cassette on Burger Records

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1. Fawn Spots - Tailor Made
2. Fawn Spots - Watered Down
3. Fawn Spots - National Anthem
4. Fawn Spots - Recorder
5. Cum Stain - Ghost Love (D.M. Version)
6. Cum Stain - Sippy Cup (D.M. Version)
7. Cum Stain - Bloody Fingertips
8. Cum Stain - Can’t Take It (Typewriter Version)
9. Cum Stain - Sit and Twist
10. Cum Stain - Rollin’ Wrong

Here's the blurb:
UK noise-drenched pop band Fawn Spots and California weirdo scuzz renegades Cum Stain release their split LP
Wedding Dress on February 18th 2012 worldwide. The release features four tracks by the 5 month old new Fawn Spots
line up, and six tracks by Cum Stain. The cover artwork has been designed by Joe Prendergast of ex-Tubelord and now
JOEY FOURR acclaim. Burger Records released a cassette version of the LP.

To say the LP is schizophrenic is an understatement. Fawn Spots’ songs are laced with a deep seated love of the
passionate college punk of Husker Du, driving rawness of Rites of Spring and the hook laden chants of early Buzzcocks;
Cum Stain’s tunes are true Burger Records riffs and rhymes, playing a tongue-in-ass version of The Ramones that sits
comfortably alongside Nobunny (coincidentally Burger is Cum Stain’s spiritual home). Though the two bands are coming
at Wedding Dress from two different directions, and continents, they’re united in playing a unique blend of dissatisfied
pop – there’s a voyeuristic joy in Fawn Spots’ anguished pop tunes and Cum Stains’ satirical relationship analysis.

Bad Paintings’ staffers have been lifelong fans of Californian sunkist punk, the dingy desperation of East Coast Hardcore
and British alt-pop a la Comet Gain and Television Personalities. To bring together a band from a backwater in the UK
and a band from the shores of California that share a twisted pop sensibility made perfect sense for the label. Burger
Records and their artists have been a great inspiration behind Bad Paintings attitude and ethos – to work with them on
this release is a dream come true.

When pursued for a quote, Oliver, guitarist/singer in Fawn Spots, managed, “most of all I want to thank God for his
support…mate I have no idea.”

Sean, mastermind of Cum Stain managed something slightly more coherent… “I am more than excited to be releasing a
record with these friendly fellows from across the sea! Keep it warm and sticky ya'll!”