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New Release: Elk - Beech

Elk – Beech. Available on very Limited Cassette with d/l code, and digital download.

Released Friday June 28th. Pre-order HERE.

Watch the video for lead track Yue over at God Is In The TV Zine

Elk is 21 year old Leeds based multi-instrumentalist Joey Donnelly, whose brooding and beguiling  work on debut album Beech marries up the sound of Daudi Matsiko, Florist and Talons with the lyrical depth of Phoebe Bridgers.

"I love how dark and honest her lyrics are at times,” says Joey of Bridger’s writing, “and I tried to use that whilst writing the Elk songs.”

Working with brother Mikey in his band Miles, Joey began writing the music that would become Elk. Mikey did what all good big brothers do and kicked Joey out of the band.

 “He made me do my own stuff, so he’s to thank for Elk. I’ve learnt a lot from him over the years about song-writing and just being a good person.”

Family is embedded in Elk. The 7 songs that make up Beech were written and recorded at the family home in York, over a 6-month period.

“I’d write the songs in Leeds and go home and record them with my brother Mikey,” with Joey handling everything except drums and some backing vocals.

Like a family, the songs envelope you in a trusting warmth; Joey lays himself bare, as his honest songs slowly welcome and wash over you.

The songs are a personal reflection on relationships, loss and growth, all told with the openness of family.

“We used to move around a lot when I was younger and the first place we stayed in for a long time was on Beech Avenue, which is the name of the album and [a] song, as it was pretty important to me”

“We moved out of the house and rented it for a few years, but before we sold it we all stayed for one last night. We stayed up all night, drank and ate Chinese food and reminisced about the time that had passed.”

Live Elk performs as a 2 piece with Mikey Donnelly joining Joey on keys, samples, glockenspiel and backing vocals. The show is a captivating glimpse of Joey laid open on stage.

See Elk on tour around the UK this summer with 60’s Californian icons LOVE (of the seminal Forever Changes fame). Visit for info and tickets.

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New Release: The LOVE band featuring Johnny Echols - Are We OK/Tinsel Tears 7" single

The LOVE band featuring Johnny Echols ‘Are We OK’ / ‘Tinsel Tears’ 7-inch single

Released June 26th, 2019 (Limited to 500 numbered copies). Available exclusively from the UK Tour shows. Any copies left at the end of the tour will be available from the Bad Paintings online shop.

Stream ARE WE OK over at Shindig! Magazine

 To coincide with the farewell UK tour The LOVE band featuring Johnny Echols will release a very limited 7” single featuring 2 songs from the aborted 2005 LOVE album. This release also marks Johnny Echols first recording since LOVE’s 1968 ‘Your Mind & We Belong Together’ / ‘Laughing Stock’ single which were the last recordings by the ‘classic’ LOVE line up that produced the landmark album Forever Changes.

 Guitarist Mike Randle takes up the story: “Back in 2004 Rusty and I started working with Arthur on about four of his song ideas. He had song fragments; a few things had melodies and words but no music and arrangements. Rusty and I also wrote four or five songs, just melodies and music on my 8-track, and sent them to Arthur. We didn’t hear anything for about a week but then the phone rang. It was Arthur. “Hey man, I heard ya stuff.  Yeah man, it’s cool.  I think we can get something going. The people want new tunes. They’re waitin’ for me, to lead them” I took that as a thumbs-up.

 “We did a fantastic US tour later that year with The Zombies; Arthur and Johnny were amazing.  2005 saw two LA shows that were the polar opposite.  Arthur handed our demos over to a close friend as he wasn’t up for finishing the songs and didn’t want to contribute to them. What we didn’t know was that he was sick.  I don’t even think HE knew.  But it was getting harder for him to do stuff and no one knew what to put it down to. 

 “Later in 2005 we played a LOVE band show at the Zodiac in Oxford, England, the day before the London King’s Cross bombing. This was the tour that Arthur was too ill to make. I sat at the bar with Rusty and (legendary record producer) John Leckie as he ran down his ideas of what a great Arthur Lee record would sound like. But we lost Arthur in 2006 and the demo’s and song ideas were forgotten about.

 “That was 14 years ago. After chatting with our manager and agent in the UK, we decided to pull two of the songs out and give them another look and after arrangement ideas and contributions from David Green, Dave Chapple and Johnny Echols, we had two finished songs. Johnny had me sing certain words a certain way: “This is how WE would sing THAT word!” Priceless times, folks! We also brought in Brian Wilson band member and multi-instrumentalist Probyn Gregory (who had served as an occasional  touring member of LOVE since 1995) to play some trumpet on the recordings that were captured by Dave Chapple in his garage studio in LA.  

 “So, in a way, these tunes are a tribute to all of the friends and fans who were involved in the LOVE 2002-2005 comeback story, but especially to Arthur Lee and Gene Kraut, who are no longer with us but are absolutely and forever interwoven into the melodious fabric of these songs. We hope you like them.” Mike Randle, March 2019.


Are We OK by Mike Randle & Rusty Squeezebox

Johnny Echols - Vocals & lead guitar

Mike Randle - Vocals & 12 string electric guitar

Rusty Squeezebox – Vocals & acoustic guitar

Dave Chapple – Bass guitar & harmonica

David Green – Drums & percussion

 Tinsel Tears by Mike Randle & Rusty Squeezebox

Johnny Echols - Lead guitar

Mike Randle – Vocals, 12 string electric guitar & tremolo guitar

Rusty Squeezebox – Acoustic guitar

Dave Chapple – Bass guitar

David Green – Drums & percussion

Probyn Gregory – Trumpet


The LOVE band featuring Johnny Echols Farewell UK tour. Visit:

Dylan Rodrigue Cat's Game OUT NOW

Dylan Rodrigue Cat's Game is out now. Order a copy from

Listen to the album over at God Is In The TV Zine.

'stripped-down, confessional songwriting interweaved with mainly acoustic arrangements that are both elegant and essential' - Shindig! Magazine... the latest!

'Beautifully Intense, Eloquent and Just the Right Side of Melancholic Singer-Songwriter.......Who knows if Dylan Rodrigue will go on to win a Grammy or earn a million dollars from his music; but what I do know is that everyone who buys Cat’s Game will cherish it for life' - The Rocking Magpie

‘power-pop infectiousness with emotive indie-folk in the vein of Elliott Smith and Conor Oberst’ – Obscure Sound

'reared in a yoga-based community in Northern California, educated at CalArts (where he earned a degree in songwriting and avante-garde composition) and found inspiration in the work of artists such as The Beatles, FugaziPIXIES, Elliott Smith and Vic Chesnutt' - BuzzBands.LA

‘brings to mind some of Elliott Smith's darker simplicity whilst courting the outsider fragility of an earlier Ariel Pink' – God Is In The TV Zine

'someone we should all keep and an ear and an eye out for' - Gary Crowley BBC Radio London

'His work runs the gamut from solemn folk to fuzz rock. Rodrigue has gone from everyone else’s guitar-man to leader of the band, and we like what we hear' - American Standard Time ( KEXP)

'it's the intricate use of melodies that really sets this apart from anyone else. The songs are crafted with precision and there’s nothing there which doesn’t need to be' - Fear And Loathing zine

'standouts include 'Some Kinda Heaven' which sounds like a long-lost acoustic track by Big Star, and the downbeat indie rock of 'Minimize The Damage'...Fans of Pavement The Rock Band, Elliott Smith and Kurt Cobain will find in Rodrigue a similarly talented and distinctive artist' - Harmonic Distortion

‘Rodrigue brings together a sense of worldweariness and innocent musical simplicity, and does introspective and reflective without slipping into self-indulgence. And for that, I salute him’ - Whisperin' & Hollerin'

'inspired by the experimental rock of Neil Young, the edginess of Iggy And The Stooges, along with a dash of Elliott Smith' - JPs Music Blog

'Dylan Rodrigue’s ‘Cat’s Game’ is a complete introspective record with no filler. From top to bottom, this is an album, albeit a dark one, you will want to come back to again and again' - Innocent Words

New release: Dylan Rodrigue - Cat's Game

Our first release of 2019 is the debut album by LA based artist Dylan Rodrigue. 

We were turned onto Dylan’s music by our friends in GospelbeacH and are very excited to be working with Palomino Records in the USA to release Cat’s Game.

The first single ‘Self Love’ is premiering now on American Standard Time. Check it out HERE

You can pre-order Cat's Game from Bad Paintings UK/EU & Palomino Records USA/ROW

For fans of Vic Chesnutt, Elliott Smith, Big Star, Neil Young.

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Proto Idiot's New Album 'Lesiure Opportunity' Out Now!

Order from the Bad Paintings store and get FREE UK shipping

Leisure Opportunity is released by Bad Paintings (UK) & Slovenly Recordings(ROTW).

There are a limited no. of Proto Idiot bundles available featuring Leisure Opportunity LP, For Dummies LP & a double album cassette.

For all non UK orders head over to Slovenly Records

Order the digital version of Leisure Opportunity from iTunes

Stream the whole album at Loud and Quiet Magazine

‘It’s punk music as it should be, at it’s most primitive: pissed-off and puerile, messy and restless, but full of charm’. Loud and Quiet Magazine 

‘If only John Peel were still here, I’m sure he’d be playing this record until it wore out’. Fear And Loathing Zine 

‘If Hunter S Thompson formed a band with Alan Bennett their records would sound like this’. Unpeeled