further’s Lost “Filling Station” Video on Pitchfork

The long lost video for further’s epic Filling Station has finally surfaced and you can stream it now as part of the Shake Appeal column on Pitchfork.


NEW ARTIST: Luke Saxton

We will be releasing an album by Beach Boys and Harry Nilsson obsessed 19-year-old Luke Saxton later this year, in conjunction with The Inkwell.

Download non-album track City Dreamin’ for free now:

The release marks the first joint release between Bad Paintings and The Inkwell, York’s hip & homely independent record / book shop, specialising in new and second-hand vinyl, and pop-culture books.


further vinyls and CDs

The vinyl and CD versions of where were you then? by further are now in our hands!

Pre-Order Physical 
Pre-Order Digital from iTunes with some free instant downloads

Check out the assembly video for the vinyl below, as well as pictures of the vinyl and CD packaging

Vinyl Front
(showing vinyl, zine & download card)image

Vinyl Backimage

CD Inside

An Unmarketed Product - Guided By Voices songs by other people is available in stores now.

An Unmarketed Product - Guided By Voices songs by other people is available in stores NOW or you can order a copy online from the Bad Paintings STORE

The album features cover songs by Fawn SpotsLuke SaxtonSam ForrestKEEL HER, Brown Brogues, Finnmark, Savaging Spires, WormH.Grimace and more.

It can be streamed in its entirety HERE

TRACK LISTING: Further // Where Were You Then?

1. Filling Station 
2. Over & Out 
3. Generic 7 
4. She Lives By The Castle 2 
5. Surfing Pointers 
6. California Bummer 
7. Quiet Riot Grrrl 
8. Springfield Mods 
9. Spheres Of Influence 
10. Wett Katt 
11. I Wanna Be A Stranger 
12. Be That As It May 
13. Grandview Skyline

You can now pre-order the Further compilation Where Were You Then? from our store.




PRE-ORDER: further // where were you then?

You can now pre-order the further compilation Where Were You Then? from our store.



Bundles are available (check pre-order links):

  • 12” Vinyl with ‘Zine & Download - £13.99
  • 12” Vinyl + CD with ‘Zine - £19.99
  • CD with ‘Zine - £8.99

The Summer Hits release is a compilation CD of singles released by Further/Beachwood Sparks/The Tyde offshoot band.

  • 12” Vinyl + Summer Hits CD - £19.99
  • 12” Vinyl + CD + Summer Hits CD - £25.99
  • CD + Summer Hits CD - £15.99

Stream a track from the compilation below:

SINGLE EXCLUSIVE: Further - California Bummer

California Bummer by Further is streaming exclusively at Monster Children:


A 90’s California band obsessed with surfing and Dinosaur Jr, Further had Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) guest on their debut album and toured with Sebadoh. They went on to become Beachwood Sparks and The Tyde.

This first single is taken from the compilation album Where Were You Then? by Further released on September 1st.

who's handling the US distro for the Further comp? — Asked by feelmyownmagic

Redeye will be looking after the USA with a release date of September 2nd. You can also order direct from bad paintings at www.badpaintings.bigcartel.com

OUT NOW: SHORTS ‘Berlin 1971’ EP

Our next release is the European version of the debut EP from SHORTS, featuring members of Real EstateTitus Andronicus and Scott & Charlene’s Wedding


Four bratty pop songs recorded in Melbourne and New York, written during a strung out and bummed day off in Berlin last summer after playing 40 shows in 30 days.

ORDER HERE: http://badpaintings.bigcartel.com/product/shorts-berlin-1971-ep-bp7003

SHORTS video for ‘Berlin 1971’ premiers on Impose Magazine


SHORTS Berlin 1971 EP is out on Monday and Impose Magazine have just premiered the video for the title track. Check it out. Order your copy HERE